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With a HAT, you can:

  • Claim your data - for the first time see what organisations like Facebook, Google, broadband providers, supermarkets, online stores, streaming services and transport providers and more know about you
  • Organise this data - combine your personal information like calendar, photos and emails with the data you’ve claimed and use wonderful visualisations to see what the digital version of you really looks like
  • trade this data - companies offer you financial and product incentives to share what you’ve found out about yourself in an anonymous, safe way

This is the Internet revolution we’ve been waiting for - claiming data from the Internet corporations who have been taking advantage of us for far too long!

With the dawn of the Internet of Things, it’s time to take control of our connected lives and start benefiting from the new data rules.

HAT stands for Hub Of All Things - because that’s what it is.

With PEOPLE, at the centre of it.

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Become Data Shopper

Are you a marketing company advising clients on how to better target customers? Are you a researcher wanting to understand consumers? Or are you wanting to personalise promotional offers for your products? The data shopper is a service on MarketSquare™ that lets you ask HAT users directly for their data, and you can persuade HAT users to exchange it in return for benefits. Within data shopper, you have the option of choosing the segment of HAT users by gender, age group, country and city and once you have chosen the segment of HAT users you wish to obtain data from, you can then specify exactly what type of data you wish to acquire and what benefit (e.g. Cash, vouchers etc.) you will give in return.

The data will be available for you to retrieve via data debit (all data is within one bundle of a data debit) which is an API endpoint on each HAT that has accepted your offer. The conversion of the data returned by the API endpoint (in JSON format) to actual viewable and usable data in your system would depend on your software and how your software would use this data and how this data is integrated into your system.

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