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HAT arrives in the USA!

When: 12 December
Where: Boston

MadHATTERs Tea Party: The Boston Party

When: 12 December 17:00
Where: Parker's Bar, 60 School St, Boston, MA 02108, USA

Join Prof. Irene Ng from the Hub of All Things and the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge to talk about users - their personal data, user accounts, security and value. THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS USER: WHO OWNS THEM, WHO PROTECTS THEM, AND WHAT THEY'RE WORTH In the first half of this century, the growth of the digital self has been explosive. Since at least the mid 2000's, the increasing ubiquity of tech has made our digital lives ever more prevalent, relevant, and valuable. We are no longer Internet users, we're Internet citizens. But the garbage representations of ourselves that we enjoy online are increasingly a source of focus. Because of the fragmented, gross insufficiency of data, personalisation is a cruel parody of what it would need to be to deliver maximum value. Advertising intrudes, to the extent where even when it works it annoys, and the reality of privacy today has become a fiction. We are lucky if our most trusted services only use our most personal information for good - not using it at all has gone completely off the table. The digital economy that reaps of this reality does not have to be dystopian. There is infinitely more wealth in the personal data of the future than there is heartache and pain. But to realise it we need to begin to ask ourselves: Who owns the user? Do they own themselves? Or do we own them? And why? Join the Hub of All Things, a data privacy and empowerment technology, for a discussion on the future of the digital economy, and explore with us the opportunity and worth of a personal data economy that holds the empowered individual at its core. December 12, 2017 in Boston, 6:30 - 10:30pm Eastern. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Prof. Irene Ng is a Director at the University of Warwick, a Fellow at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and the Creator of the Hub of All Things Private Data Account. Irene is a Mentor and Economic Advisor to numerous Enterprises and Startups and a champion of the personal data economy (coming soon to an Internet vertical near you). ABOUT THE HAT HAT Technology is a private data account that stores and exchanges individually-controlled personal data on behalf of its owners. Learn more about it and its promise at

MadHATTERs Tea Party New York: "The 7 Trillion Dollar Secret Economy"

When: 14 December 17:00
Where: McNally Auditorium, Gabelli School of Business, 140 West 62nd Street. New York NY

Join Prof. Irene Ng, Director at the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge Wolfson Fellow to talk about data, value, and the future of digital markets. THE 7 TRILLION DOLLAR SECRET ECONOMY: From Organization-Controlled to Individual-Controlled Data Co-hosted by the Gabelli School of Business and the HAT Community Foundation International 99.9% of personal data, currently held across the Internet, is collected, analysed, and controlled by corporations big and small. Their practices are diverse. Some are in fear, anxious to risk the fallout of personal data mistreatment, and a few are going so far as to shut down basic functionalities of their services. Across the pond, we could be handing the digital market for personal data to businesses that operate outside the EU, as organizations who are cautious of change ignore the opportunity for progress. And then, still other entities hoover up data to sell Ð with or without the flimsy veneer of permission. The stewardship bodies which guide our societies and economy could provide guidance on this, and the data management and governance of our environment, but they should also strive to grasp the innovative opportunities in personal data. My interest in the personal data economy lies in its economic impact. This market needs a design, and an alignment of incentives. Personal data interaction demands a regulatory and a market-based framework. We should be aiming for human flourishing, and I am mindful that while choice and the empowerment of the individual is key, it is for us to decide whether we want to flourish. The decision cannot be taken for us by another entity, in the name of human flourishing. Let us as a society establish the existence of the two distinct types of personal data: Organisation Controlled Personal Data (OPD) and Person Controlled Personal Data (PPD). These are bringing a wave of new innovation to our digital environment. Where Facebook data (held by Facebook) is OPD, that same data held by private citizens, privately, is PPD. And PPD is potentially the most powerful force our society has yet created. Facebook's average revenue per user in the US and Canada was $62 in 2016. Now, it's not like each individual Facebook user could use their own data to make $62 a year - some of the value from data is only derived from its huge scale, and Facebook has to spend money to create the infrastructure to gather data and show adverts. Instead, each individual Facebook user could be earning far more. By 2020 the value of European citizens' personal data is expected to reach 1 trillion EUR solely in our market. It is expected to grow to almost 8 per cent of the total union's GDP in 2020. Here in America, that number would be larger than the 5 largest industries contributing to GDP combined. I advocate for the unlocking of this multi-trillion dollar new digital economy.

HAT Community Foundation: Advisory Board Meeting (Q118)

When: 08 February 12:30 - 15:00 UTC
Where: TBD

HAT Community Foundation: Advisory Board Meeting (Q218)

When: 17 May 11:30 - 14:00 UTC
Where: TBD


When: 25 May

HAT Community Foundation: Advisory Board Meeting (Q318)

When: 09 August 11:30 - 14:00 UTC

HAT Community Foundation: Advisory Board Meeting (Q418)

When: 08 November 12:30 - 15:00 UTC
Where: TBD

HAT in New York!

When: 14 December