HAT Apps

HAT Applications

The applications in the MarketSquare are built on the HAT, a private data account that lets you store your personal data for yourself, so that you have full control, access to, and ownership over it. HAT applications don’t use normal centralised databases to store their users’ data - they access it from the private data accounts, which are owned by the individual instead.

Built for us

As Internet users, we create huge amounts of personal information online every day. Our shopping habits, social media posts, and the information we put into online forms is all our data. But until now its been very hard to hang on to it for ourselves. The HAT Applications in MarketSquare all use data infrastructure that rest on the private data account that you own, not them. So you can constantly control (and store) more of your information for yourself, and easily decide who else you want to be able to have access to it.

All new ideas

HAT Applications don’t have to capture and own customer information for themselves. Instead, they ask for access to it from storage containers that their users (you) control on their own. That lets them access more interesting information than normal applications could. The rich, horizontal, contextual data about our lives that can be used by a trusted HAT Application can create a whole new category of technology - and we’ll be the primary beneficiaries.