HATs on Demand

HATs on Demand

A simple way for institutions to give out HATs.

HATs on Demand (HoD) is a way for institutions to easily give out HATs in bulk. They can be given to anyone, like customers, staff, research subjects, students, and they are most often used by organisations that don’t have the ability to provision HATs on their own. HoD end-users sign up for their HATs with a few clicks, and they can easily pull in and view their personal data on a simple dashboard. That data is shared with your organisation through "Data Debits," which your users will see on their dashboard or at databuyer.hubofallthings.com. White-labelled HAT dashboards are available, so you can maintain consistency with your organisation’s branding.

Predictable budgeting

HoDs are delivered from the HATDeX tech team ‘as is’. You pay per-user, per-month to make budgeting for your HATs predictable as you scale.

Dead-simple infrastructure

HoDs take away your hosting and software application woes. Give your users, students, customers, or research subjects control over their personal data without worrying about creating or maintaining a user account management system or any technology infrastructure.

Increased security

HoDs distribute and secure your users’ personal data using the HAT technology suite. Designed for resilience, HATDeX HATs are a managed service with no-fuss fault tolerance. Secured with just ‘one HAT in every container’, and distributed across HATDeX’s hosting infrastructure, HoDs protect your organisation from the security risks of account-based centralised storage. Security breaches are disincentivised by our decentralized architecture, and the HATs themselves are protected by state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Privacy built-in

HAT technology also gives you a way to request access to information about your users in a way that preserves their privacy. You can access any permissioned data from the HAT ecosystem without the need to identify the data source.

Ideal for Academics and startups

HoDs are perfect for academic researchers & SMEs and startups - any organisation that doesn’t have the technology infrastructure to deploy HAT infrastructure on their own.

What’s included

Ultra-fast deployment | Fully-managed HATs, hosted on AWS with 1GB storage and 1GB data exchange | Automatic scalability | Rumpel (the HAT dashboard), for user data management and control | Regular, weekly backups (free of charge) | Data plugs on everything from location services to social media posts (open source, and built by the community)


£4.99 per HAT per month (discounts are available for orders greater than 1000 HATs).

Other notes

Organising HATs for use in research may incur some basic setup charges, and the white-labelling of the Rumpel HAT dashboard is optional at a flat rate of £500 (£200 for HAT Foundation partners). At the end of a HoD service agreement, HAT users will be given an option to keep their HATs and continue at their own expense, and it is important to remember that HATs are private data accounts that are legally owned by their user. Provisioning HATs does not give the HAT provider any rights to the users’ data. Data requests are requests for access to a users’ data with a corresponding data debits as well as consent for use of data for specified organisational purposes. Users have the right to cancel a data debit at any time.

Looking for more?

Unlock more powerful capabilities in privacy-preserving AI and personal data analytics by becoming a HAT provider with your own HAT domain of user.institutionname.net. Ask about how you can join the HAT Foundation Group or host your own HATs.

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