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Normally, innovating in a business model is a big challenge, as proving anything has to be in a live environment with real users and real transactions; tests on business models can’t be donein a lab. HALL is using HATs to enable experiments to occur within real life situations, allowing researchers to draw insights and create new knowledge.



To ensure that experiments can occur within a live environment, whilst also maintaining that research is done under controlled conditions. HALL also aims to support an open innovation process for all involved stakeholders, especially end users, with their needs as a driving force for innovation.


HALL is focusing research on data exchanges within the retail industry, with commercial partners including Tesco and Sky. With HAT’s live ecosystem, individuals can volenteer their data, which is gathered in real time, and in a real life environment. This experimental ‘sandbox’ environment allows researchers to test business and economic models of data exchange outside of the constraints of simulations. HAT technology also ensures that none of the participants’ personal data will be accessible by researchers or institutions, outside of specifically selected information recorded for HALL’s expereiments.