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Feral Horses

Feral Horses is a startup about to launch in Spring 2017, creating an online trading platform to acquire and sell shares of artworks for investment purposes. They aim to provide a very comprehensive service that brings both liquidity and transparency and facilitates access to the benefits of art in a responsible and sustainable way.



To inject rigourous data analysis into the black box of art market purchases in the common market, using portional ownership as a market incentive.


Feral Horses, a two-sided marketplace for portional equity in art and sculpture, will use the HAT to inject data, analytsis, and prediction into the oblique art market. Facilitating the creation of a new economy in the public, unrestricted secondary market for art equity, on top of an ecommerce platform built on the HAT, FH aims to identify trends and indicators using a rich contextual dataset that will shed light on a traditionally unpredictable market and empower the first truly data-driven purchasing and valuation opportunities.