B.heard is a consumer website designed to action consumer opinions, be they on a political, economic, or social matter, or simply the likes and dislikes you might have about a company or institution. Their message is that they believe your opinions can make a difference.



B.heard aim to provide individual consumers with a data-driven value comparison resource that allows them to make better, more personalised, purchasing decisions. At the same time, B.heard aim to deliver an integrated service, offering users a way of saving and using the opinions they share on social issues alongside assessments of customer service or value for money they give.


B.heard are working to deploy HATs to their customers, branded as ‘B.safes’. For B.heard users, this will mean a record of any opinion they share, or survey the respond to is automatically stored in their B.safe account. Users will also be able to save personal information in their B.safe, building up a profile which can then be integrated with their opinions and consumer values.

This kind of integrated data account paints a detailed digital picture of the individual and their values. B.heard can now offer its users control and autonomy over those assets, as all the data contained in a B.safe is owned, legally and technically, by the individual.