HAT Case Studies

Warwick Manufacturing Group: HATs for students

WMG, at Warwick University, is getting ready to offer its students HATs to store their sensitive personal information safely. Academic records, student services, and user account logins could all easily be stored in the HAT, removing students’ need to track and manage all of this information for themselves. They can simply log in to their HAT if they need to manage it, and permit those at the university to access it whenever required.

HALL: Business Model Innovation

Normally, innovating in a business model is a big challenge, as proving anything has to be in a live environment with real users and real transactions; tests on business models can’t be donein a lab. HALL is using HATs to ensure that experiments can occur within a live environment, but also that research is applied under controlled conditions, in a way that draws insights and creates new knowledge.

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CONTRIVE: Perception and cyber security

As everyone worries about the risks associated with data access, ownership, privacy, and confidentiality, CONTRIVE is trying to figure out how individuals’ feelings about cybersecurity relate to those of bigger organisational and institutional views. They’re using HATs to try and develop new business models that let companies minimize their feelings of vulnerability

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HARRIET: Understanding household consumption

HARRIET aims to provide individuals with a toolbox they can use to effectively process and analyse their own data in order to optimise consumption and purchasing behaviour, and even trade it with the private sector. HARRIET is learning a lot about new business models in which horizontal (context-specific) data can be used to generate revenue and provide a platform for testing these business models.

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Feral Horses: Data-driven art marketplace

Feral Horses aims to inject rigourous data analysis into the black box of art market purchases in the common market, using portional ownership as a market incentive.

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B.heard: Opinions, actioned

B.heard aim to provide individual consumers with a data-driven value comparison resource that allows them to make better, more personalised, purchasing decisions. At the same time, B.heard aim to deliver an integrated service, offering users a way of saving and using the opinions they share on social issues alongside assessments of customer service or value for money they give.

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Noggin Asia: Marketing to the real you

Noggin aims to offer Singapore consumers personalised sales, deals, and marketing products, leveraging the richest set of customer information in the market, without sacrificing data ownership or privacy.

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