Rumpel Lite

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Rumpel Lite puts you more in touch with your personal data. View, manage and most importantly learn from all the information stored in your HAT using Rumpel Lite’s Data Services.

Rumpel Lite is the original iOS browser for all your HAT data, letting you view and control your personal data straight from your phone. And all in an entirely private and secure space – you are the only one with access.

Use Rumpel Lite to:

  • Set up your HAT account, allowing you to store your data in your own personal database

  • Connect ‘Data Plugs’ from applications such as Facebook and Twitter, and start pulling the personal data stored there into your HAT

  • Pull in your GPS data from your phone, and use Rumpel Lite’s Locations Service to track your movements wherever you go

  • Search your location between any given dates – treat Rumpel Lite as your own searchable personal archive

  • Store your favourite Photos, and attach them to notes or social media posts

  • Use Rumpel Lite’s Notes feature to write private notes, and then publish them to social media at any point