A comprehensive dashboard for all your HAT data, Rumpel is a tool with which to visualise and personalise the information contained in your HAT.

Rumpel is the web application counterpart to Rumpel Lite, the more streamlined iOS app. In Rumpel, you can see the broader picture of all the data stored in your HAT, and manage it in detail. Visit your Personal HAT Address in your browser –, for example – and log straight in to Rumpel to see your synced Notes, collated social media posts, archived locations.

Use Rumpel to:

  • Customise exactly which parts of your profile are public and which remain private

  • Visualise all the information in your HAT, including stats and notifications, in one in-depth dashboard

  • Manage your Data Plugs and track your incoming data from various Internet services and applications

  • View and search all your locations from the point you connected your locations Data Plug

  • Think of Rumpel as the control centre for your personal data – an online base that is entirely private and fully yours