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Podsense enables you to monetise your personal data, putting you in complete control of what information you share, and with whom.

Podsense uses simple Tinder-style swipe actions, allowing you to browse through offer cards from brands and companies easily. You choose which companies to share with, and gain products, discounts and even cash in return.

Browse through personalised offers, in line with your life and interests, with Podsense’s personalised matching. Set cards’ relevancy to you, and build up a personal profile which Podsense can use to show you only targetted offers which are useful to you. At the same time, all the data in your profile, and all your preferences, are fully encrypted and private, and nobody has any access to them.

Use Podsense to:

  • Browse offers, rewards and benefits in an easy to use, simple interface

  • Benefit from personalised matching, and only view offer cards which are relevant and useful to you

  • Fill out your profile, and pull in personal information from social media apps

  • Use Podsense’s relevancy slider to record precisely how useful an offer is to you, and let Podsense learn from those preferences

  • Earn cash-convertible ‘Noggin Credits’ for trading your data with companies you love