45 million hours. That’s the number of hours per year we waste dealing with poor value service providers. Now’s the time now to say what you really think!

We all have opinions, and the B.heard account lets you securely store these opinions alongside the rest of your personal data using HAT technology. By taking control of your voice and your data, the B.heard account can help you to action your opinion, a service offered to you by B.heard.

You can share your opinion on trending topics, news stories, or leave reviews on your existing suppliers. As you share your views, you tailor your values securely in your B.heard account.

Say goodbye to endless form filling, customer service feedback forms, and online polls. No need to trail through the web to switch deals. Now you can use your B.heard account to share opinions, and act upon them!

Use the B.heard account to:

  • Store your personal data on the HAT

  • Store your opinions and reviews left on Bheard.com

  • Earn Changecoin for all your interactions on the site