About MarketSquare

The HAT MarketSquare

MarketSquare is an app store for HAT-enabled applications, and the central hub for the HAT community. Startups, researchers, investors, and corporate innovation come together here to share their ideas and their technology. Learn how to build new products on the HAT, and discover some of the interesting projects other people have built.

Championing User Privacy

Building your app’s backend and user account infrastructure on the HAT means guaranteed privacy for your users. User data is stored in their own HAT PMDA, rather than in a database on the app’s server, and is retrieved via an API. This means that users keep their data in their space, where they own and control it.

Strengthened Security

Benefits to user privacy are simultaneously security benefits. Because information is stored with the user, developers are absolved of the security risks that come with storing large databases. HAT infrastructure also has account management and authentification built in, as what it offers is effectively a new type of user account, giving you more time to build and develop your product.

Enabling Data Exchange

The HAT enables people to exchange and use their data, as well as to store and manage it. The HAT allows app builders to integrate exchanges into the products they create, setting up a dialogue between product and user that is transparent and open. Gain access to rich data sets and deep customer understanding, simply by asking, and use what you learn to build innovative, personalised products.

Data Empowerment

HAT is a technology, but it also stands for a movement. We’re championing the rights of individual users to take ownership over the data they create, whilst enabling a data economy that thrives through the fair and transparent exchange of data.